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DOI opens investigation into Zinke

Demand Sec. Zinke disclose his reasons for taking private flights

The DOI’s Inspector General has opened another investigation into Secretary Ryan Zinke. This is not the first, and not even the second, but the third investigation into Zinke for conduct and misuse of tax dollars. This one is over three known taxpayer-funded private flights Zinke’s taken since he became DOI Secretary — one of which he decided to wait hours for rather than fly on an earlier commercial flight.

When asked about the flights, Secretary Zinke has vowed that he’ll continue to fly chartered planes and has tried to dismiss questions about his travel habits. What he calls “a little BS over travel,” we call holding him accountable.

It’s time that Zinke told American taxpayers what exactly warranted the use of tax dollars for his luxury travel. Add your name to tell Sec. Zinke that we deserve answers about where our taxpayer dollars are going.

This isn’t even the first time Zinke’s been accused of unnecessary use of chartered planes paid for by taxpayers. In 1999, a Navy investigation found Zinke at fault for using Navy funds to pay for a flight home and forced him to reimburse the cost. He claims the instance taught him that “you are always accountable for your actions.” But from this latest investigation, it doesn’t appear Zinke has learned his lesson…

Sign our petition: Demand Sec. Zinke disclose his reasons for taking private flights on the taxpayer dime.

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