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Stop Zinke from putting polluters over taxpayers

ACT NOW: The comment period closes on November 6th

Secretary Zinke is at it again: He’s trying to delay guidelines from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) that would help end wasteful natural gas leaks and dangerous flares.

When companies extract oil and natural gas from public lands, they’re supposed to pay royalties back to the American people. But each year $330 million of gas is wasted through the harmful practices of venting and flaring, as well as leaks. BLM has approved a rule designed to hold companies accountable and prevent waste, but now, Zinke wants to delay implementation.

That’s a terrible idea: Delaying this rule not only hurts the American people by wasting valuable energy resources, but also costs taxpayers millions of dollars.

We have to act now to stop Secretary Zinke from giving special interests a free pass. Tell BLM not to delay the rule: Leave a comment on their website here before the November 6th deadline.

Every day BLM’s rule is delayed costs taxpayers vital funding that could be used to pay for infrastructure projects, school improvements, local hospitals, and conservation efforts. A few years ago, a Western Values Project report found that if wasteful practices remain unregulated, taxpayers could lose $800 million in unpaid royalties over the next decade.

Any action taken by Secretary Zinke to weaken, delay, or rewrite the BLM methane rule is a direct attack on American taxpayers — and our public lands.

ACT NOW: The comment period closes on November 6th, and we need your voice. Leave a comment telling Secretary Zinke to stop putting his special interest friends above the American people.

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