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What a difference two years makes

Tell Zinke to remember

Two years ago, then-Congressman Ryan Zinke argued forcefully for permanently reauthorizing the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF). But this year, as Interior Secretary, he’s watched quietly as President Trump cut funding for the program by 85% in his proposed DOI budget.

What happened to Sec. Zinke’s promises to take immediate action to defend the LWCF, the outdoor activities it funds, and the billions of dollars in tourism and recreation it supports? It seems that once again, he’s decided to side with energy corporations over public lands users.

Will you join us in asking Sec. Zinke to remember his own words and fight for the Land and Water Conservation Fund?

It’s not as if the LWCF is a burden to taxpayers — it’s funded entirely through royalties paid by energy corporations that drill for oil. So it’s not clear who will see savings from Trump’s budget, which cuts funding for the program by 85%.

The LWCF was created to expand access to public lands, not profits for a handful of corporations. As a Congressman, Sec. Zinke understood that. But as Trump’s Interior Secretary, he seems to have forgotten he works for the American people, not a few energy corporations.

Will you add your name to this petition asking Sec. Zinke to remember what he said about the Land and Water Conservation Fund’s importance and defend the program?

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