Chris Saeger

Senate should stand with the West and drop riders to defund BLM methane waste rule

The House of Representatives has missed a big opportunity to protect Western communities from fiscal waste and protect taxpayer dollars. They just passed an irresponsible budget bill packed with giveaways to special interests on a strict party-line vote. Among those, was a bill to gut the BLM’s landmark rule to combat wasted natural gas on national […]

Red FLAG: 8 times Rob Bishop just didn’t get when it comes to public lands

Utah Congressman Rob Bishop’s Federal Lands Action Group meets again today to discuss strategies for transferring national public lands and parks to states – a move many observers have said will force cash-strapped states to sell the lands, due to the high cost of maintenance and fire-fighting. The meeting comes hot off the heels of Congressman Bishop’s […]

5 energy myths about coal energy generation in Montana

Coal development has dominated the headlines in southeast Montana for some time.  While we’ve looked closely at the federal coal leasing program, it’s also worth examining what happens when that Powder River Basin coal leaves the ground. Senator Steve Daines’ recent taxpayer-funded energy summit provides just such an opportunity.   Let’s start with the first […]

BLM Takes the Right Approach on Dinosaur Trail Plan

The BLM took the right approach today when they opened the door to collaborative planning for growth and conservation at the doorstep of Dinosaur National Monument in northwest Colorado. Its Dinosaur Trail Master Leasing Plan is a major step in the right direction, but it’s not over yet.  This approach allows stakeholders to get together discuss which areas […]

Oil Lobbyists Spin New BLM Leasing Data, as Shale Oil Boom Continues on Public Land

Lobbyists for big oil companies are spinning new data on oil leases on BLM land released today to show that leasing in public lands is “in decline,” but the well-documented oil boom driven by fracking technology tells a much different story. “It’s a little rich for industry lobbyists to plead poverty when oil production on federal lands is hovering […]

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