Did another mineral resource influence Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument decision?

Coal isn’t the only mineral resource in Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument that may have influenced Secretary Zinke’s and President Trump’s efforts to slash its acreage by nearly half. Before the area was designated as a national monument in 1996, the oil giant Chevron had a lease to mine potash in part of the monument Trump […]

Zinke’s latest industry-friendly pick to join DOI

Joseph Balash’s nomination most recent gift to oil & gas industry Following the Senate’s vote to confirm Joseph Balash as the assistant secretary for land and minerals management at the Department of the Interior, Chris Saeger, executive director of the Western Values Project released this statement: “Secretary Zinke has worked tirelessly to fill the halls […]

Buying influence pays off: petroleum industry trying to propose self-regulation of methane flaring

The American Petroleum Institute announced a “new voluntary program to cut emissions of methane.” The news comes after the Interior Department has made moves to eliminate rules regulating methane flaming. In October, Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) announced a proposal to suspend a commonsense rule to prevent […]

Zinke’s unpopular monuments review finally sees the light of day

In response to the late release of Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke’s national monuments review recommendations, Chris Saeger, executive director of the Western Values Project, released the following statement: With such a devastating and unpopular proposal to gut our public lands, it’s no wonder Secretary Zinke hid this report from the public for so […]

Water and science nominee adds to growing list of Washington insiders at the Department of the Interior

Today, the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources is considering Tim Petty to be the Assistant Secretary of the Interior, Water and Science. If his nomination advances, Petty will join a long list of Washington insiders, lobbyists, and special interests that have populated the Interior Department under Secretary Ryan Zinke. “Once again, we see […]

Trump/ Zinke public lands move “a dangerous turn” away from national stewardship of outdoor legacy

Unprecedented and unlawful plan to gut protections for iconic public lands a disturbing move  In response to President Donald Trump’s announcement of historic reductions of protected public lands in Utah, Chris Saeger, executive director of the Western Values Project, released the following statement: “This decision is a dangerous turn in our nation’s approach to protecting the […]

WVP files for extension of public comment period on sage grouse management plans

Request comes after Interior failed to release public documents Western Values Project (WVP) formally requested an extension of the public comment period for the Bureau of Land Management’s proposed changes to sage grouse management plans in 11 states. The public comment period is set to expire tomorrow, Friday, December 1st. The request comes after the […]

ICYMI: More evidence of Budd-Falen’s land seizure agenda

Likely nominee for Bureau of Land Management director Karen Budd-Falen flanked by land seizure advocates at Montana event In a land use management presentation, Karen Budd-Falen, Secretary Zinke’s leading rumored candidate for Bureau of the Land Management (BLM) Director, was greeted by more protesters than supporters. The controversial land seizure lawyer again sided with anti-public […]

STATEMENT: Trump bets again on scandal-plagued Interior Secretary

In response to news that President Trump plans to accept Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s recommendations to shrink Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monuments, Western Values Project Executive Director Chris Saeger released the following statement: “President Trump is poised to bet once again on the most scandal-plagued member of his cabinet. The outcome, in this […]

Running out of lobbyists to hire, Zinke turns to land transfer zealots for top Interior posts

This week has seen leaders in the land seizure movement gaining traction at the Interior Department. Brian Steed, the former Chief of Staff to leading land seizure advocate Utah Congressman Chris Stewart, was appointed the acting director of the Bureau of Land Management. Meanwhile, Karen Budd-Falen, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s top pick to become the […]

Likely nominee for BLM director brings land seizure road show to Montana

Montana presentation will advocate abdicating control over lands that belong to all Americans Tomorrow, leading land transfer advocate, ‘darling of the original Sagebrush Rebellion’ and Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke’s top pick to become the permanent Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Director, Karen Budd-Falen, will make an appearance in Hamilton, Montana. This will be […]

“Update” on sham monuments review to come from Senator Hatch at Utah Commission meeting

Senator’s staff to provide update on “potential federal actions that would affect Utah’s national monuments” Today, Utah Senator Orrin Hatch’s office will update the Utah Commission for the Stewardship of Public Lands on “potential federal actions that would affect Utah’s national monuments.” Senator Hatch’s staff had previously announced that the President intends to shrink the […]

Zinke’s bench of lobbyists and special interests continues to grow

Check out new profiles of political appointees at Interior https://departmentofinfluence.org/  Today, Western Values Project releases nine new profiles to the Department of Influence, tracking the revolving door between lobbyists, special interests, and Secretary Ryan Zinke’s Department of the Interior. Today’s batch of profiles includes two members of the failed land transfer movement as well as […]

Zinke continues to listen to special interests, ignore everyone else

Senators demand answers about monuments review, veterans call on Zinke to preserve national monuments, special interests continue to call the shots Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke is antsy to get his lobbyist friends confirmed to top positions at Interior, but Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) wants hard answers on Zinke’s secret plan to shrink the […]

Hartnett White, Wheeler latest Trump nominees with extreme anti-public lands background

Former lobbyists poised to bring history of false claims and questionable dealings to administration The United States Senate will soon consider Trump’s nominee to head the Council on Environmental Quality, Kathleen Hartnett White, and to become the Deputy Administrator at the Environmental Protection Agency, Andrew Wheeler. Both Ms. Hartnett White and Mr. Wheeler are former […]

Durbin isn’t the only one being stiffed by Interior

Western Values Project in ongoing lawsuit seeking documents on Zinke’s monument review   Today, Senator Dick Durbin announced he is placing a hold on several nominees to serve in the Interior Department until he gets answers to his questions about Secretary Ryan Zinke’s monuments review. Senator Durbin isn’t the only one waiting for information from Interior; […]

New document shows Zinke side-stepped Nevada governor on sage grouse review

Secretary met with attorney general before governor With public meetings on the proposed sage grouse management plans being conducted across Nevada this week, an internal document released by the Department of the Interior and analyzed by Western Values Project (WVP) shows that Secretary Ryan Zinke did a two-step around Governor Sandoval when discussing his plans […]

50 trillion reasons Kathleen Hartnett White is disastrous for public lands

The extreme views of Trump’s nominee to head Council on Environmental Quality  The head of the Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) is a position unknown to many Americans that has an enormously influential role in how our public lands are managed. The appointee is responsible for developing policies and advising the President on the state […]

Zinke releases “energy burdens” report full of special interests giveaways

Report shills for the oil and gas industry at the expense of public lands Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke finally made his ‘energy burdens’ report available to the public. The report, required by President Trump’s “American Energy Independence” executive order from March, was due to the White House in September and had not been […]

New analysis by Western Values Project highlights who benefits from Zinke’s sage-grouse changes

Oil and gas leaseholders in sagebrush habitat have ties to Zinke, political staff and lobby group Under Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke’s direction, the Bureau of the Land Management (BLM) announced that it is rewriting Western state sage-grouse plans, making fundamental changes, including eliminating habitat designations and other important protections that are the “foundation” […]

Complaint filed on oil and gas lobbyists’ role in Zinke’s sage-grouse changes

Interior recommendations included 13 of 15 requests from oil and gas industry After over two months of failing to fulfill Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, Western Values Project (WVP) was forced to file suit seeking access to public documents that may show additional coordination between oil and gas lobbyist groups and Secretary of the […]

Land seizure advocates join Zinke’s calls to gut monuments

Fringes of the conservative movement demand end to landscape-level monuments, after Zinke issued recommendation to shrink them Leading proponents of the movement to transfer control over national public lands to states are echoing calls by Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke to lift protections for national monuments that include iconic landscapes across the American West. […]

Utah official uses water conservancy funds to create propaganda-filled documentary

Leaked video shows taxpayer-funded documentary features extreme and ethically challenged voices Western Values Project released a leaked copy of a documentary created with taxpayer funds by Mike Noel, a Utah state representative and Executive Director of the Kane County Water Conservancy District. Noel plans to debut his documentary, “Dixie National Forest: The Brian Head Fire,” […]

Transparency fail! Interior has only fulfilled 8% of FOIA requests

Department fails to handover basic documents, wasting taxpayer time and dollars   When it comes to transparency and government openness, Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke’s department is failing miserably. In the last year, the Western Values Project (WVP) has filed 64 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests with the Interior Department. To date, they […]

Zinke again sides with Washington lobbyists over Western states

Today, Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke finally announced his intent to throw out carefully developed, bipartisan Western state sage grouse management plans. Based on the recommendations of Zinke’s handpicked sage grouse review team, we expect the Department’s new plans to mirror the requests made by oil and gas industry lobbyists. If adopted, these changes […]

Zinke orders Bureau of Land Management to suspend methane waste prevention rule

Suspension of rule will carelessly waste energy and cost taxpayers millions In another giveaway to oil and gas corporations, Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke and the Bureau of the Land Management (BLM) announced a proposal for the suspension of a commonsense rule to prevent the waste of natural gas. The BLM rule prevents oil […]

On National Public Lands Day Zinke needs to remember that he works for all public land users

It hasn’t been more than nine months since then Congressman Ryan Zinke stood in front of the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources and proclaimed that he was the reincarnation of Theodore Roosevelt himself, pledging to defend America’s public lands at all costs. The sad truth is this statement couldn’t have been further from […]

Lawsuit takes aim at Zinke’s attempts to politicize Interior staffing decisions

Documents show Zinke filled employee board with political cronies Following reports that Department of the Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke filled an employee board entirely with political appointees, the Western Values Project, a Montana-based public lands watchdog, filed suit in federal court to force the disclosure of documents related to the board’s activities. Politico first reported that […]

Questions for Zinke ahead of his speech to the Heritage Foundation

Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke is set to share his ‘vision for American energy dominance’ with the oil and gas-funded Heritage Foundation. Secretary Zinke has been aggressively working behind closed doors, without public input on public land decisions, to roll back commonsense regulations. Some facts to keep in mind during Zinke’s speech: The United […]

Zinke imposing federal mandate, throwing out state sage-grouse management plans

Interior Secretary adopts oil and gas lobbyists’ requests over collaborative state plans Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke’s intentions to fast-track federally mandated amendments to Western state sage-grouse plans were leaked today. Based on agency and state officials familiar with the decision, The New York Times reports that the Department of the Interior will publish a formal notice of […]

Rain isn’t enough to wash away Secretary Zinke’s abysmal record on wildfires

Trump/Zinke budget would cut nearly $140 million from wildfire management programs As fire season winds down across the West, Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke’s record of underfunding the solutions to this expensive challenge is coming into sharper focus.  His claims that more aggressive forest management would have avoided a historically long fire and difficult […]

Zinke cozies up to industry reps at exclusive Washington hotel

Interior Secretary Zinke’s love of special interests on full display at the Hay-Adams Card-carrying swamp member and Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke today hosted an event with the National Petroleum Council at the exclusive Hay-Adams Hotel. According to the $500-per-night hotel’s website, the Hay-Adams is a “discreetly luxurious hotel destination for discerning guests.” Unfortunately, Zinke’s open pandering and favoritism for the […]

Ryan Zinke: An investment that’s paying off for oil and gas interests

Why is Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke working to lease every last bit of public land – including lands that directly border our most treasured parks and monuments – to oil and gas corporations? Zinke is ignoring the outdoor industry, hunters, anglers, ranchers and recreationists as well as the multiple use management directive that’s supposed to guide public lands decision-making. He is the Secretary of the largest land-managing department but is acting like an oil and gas land man paid by industry.

Special interests win with committee vote on Interior appointees

View Interior appointees’ profiles on www.departmentofinfluence.org The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee voted to advance the nominations of two more special interest political appointees to powerful positions at the Department of the Interior. On a voice vote, the committee confirmed Joe Balash to be Assistant Secretary of the Interior, Land and Minerals Management and Ryan Nelson to be Solicitor […]

Zinke’s national monuments plan a threat to Western communities

Secretary Zinke’s secretive effort hands over thousands of acres of public lands to special interests with no accountability After weeks of secrecy, the results of Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s monuments review have been revealed. Chris Saeger, Executive Director of the Western Values Project, released the following statement in response:  These recommendations put at risk our […]

Secretary Zinke’s “sportsmen” announcement obscures historic reductions to protected public lands

Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke announced a proposal to supersede local on the ground land and wildlife managers to distract from his unprecedented secret recommendations to reduce the size of national monuments and protections for public land. Statement of the proposal by Chris Saeger, Executive Director of the Western Values Project: This announcement is […]

Seeking: NMOGA Executive Director, questionable ethics and experience pandering to industry required

News that New Mexico Environment Secretary, Ryan Flynn has left his political appointment to potentially head an oil and gas interest group reads like a “What Not to Do” chapter out of an ethical handbook. (Update — Flynn was awarded the job as NMOGA Executive Director late on Friday, September 2nd.)  The New Mexico Oil and […]

ConocoPhillips wants a pat on the back, while still wasting millions of taxpayer dollars

Recently, ConocoPhillips tooted its own horn by touting the success of its natural gas waste capture programs. While we applaud ConocoPhillips’ steps towards reducing natural gas waste, there’s an omission that is the elephant in the room— ConocoPhillips is still the largest natural gas emitter in the US. Each year, ConocoPhillips emits the equivalent of […]

New government report on natural gas waste outlines why the BLM methane rule is desperately needed— and quickly

A new report out by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) showcases just how badly the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) needs to revamp the way it monitors and permits methane waste on public lands. Each year, upwards of $330 million worth of methane, the main component of natural gas, is wasted on our public lands […]

Wyoming lawmakers should support BLM’s methane waste rule and seize the millions of dollars that are on the table

When your state is discussing which agencies will get budget cuts, is currently toying with making massive cuts to the athletics program of your only NCAA-Division I school in the state, has already cut $36 million from the public school system, and attempted (and was vehemently defeated) to levy a state tax on groceries, one […]

As the annual Four Corners Oil & Gas conference kicks off, let’s remember our money that’s being left on the table

The 13th Annual Four corners Oil and Gas Conference kicks off this week in Farmington, New Mexico. While many presentations, including from FLIR Systems, Inc., will focus on new technologies and best practices to help bring the oil and gas industry into the twenty-first century, there will surely be other, more-entrenched interests focused on maintaining the […]

Five debunked myths of the Bureau of Land Management’s methane waste rule

Last week, the House Committee on Natural Resources, subcommittee on Energy and Mineral Resources held a hearing on the Bureau of Land Management’s proposal to combat methane waste, where lawmakers, agency officials, and locally elected government leaders came together to discuss the rule. And while proponents for the rule cited wasted royalty revenues for their communities […]

Oil and Gas Industry Statements in Financial Filings Point to Prices, Not Regulations, As Reason for Declines in Leases and Production

Leading market analysts report that tumbling oil prices curtailed—and in some cases, wholly eliminated—industry investment capacity last fiscal year. Wood Mackenzie, “Deferred upstream projects tally reaches 68” (Jan. 14, 2016) “Wood Mackenzie has updated its analysis published in July 2015 on the impact of continued low oil prices on upstream oil and gas projects. It […]

Budget is helping to move BLM into the 21st century

Congressional hearings on the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) budget comes at an important time for the BLM. The budget proposes new help for the BLM to improve essential programs and contribute to BLM’s continuing efforts to achieve balance in its growing landscape-level planning efforts. All of this will contribute to a number of important initiatives […]

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