Red FLAG: 8 times Rob Bishop just didn’t get when it comes to public lands

Utah Congressman Rob Bishop’s Federal Lands Action Group meets again today to discuss strategies for transferring national public lands and parks to states – a move many observers have said will force cash-strapped states to sell the lands, due to the high cost of maintenance and fire-fighting. The meeting comes hot off the heels of Congressman Bishop’s […]

Who’s afraid of Planning 2.0?

Apparently, locally elected officials in Garfield County, Colorado. This story begins when the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) proposed to update and improve its approach to land use planning for public lands. Under BLM’s ‘Planning 2.0’ initiative, public input will be broadened for planning projects, local governments will have a more-active role, and the planning […]

Senator’s pipeline worries missed the mark

Today, Wyoming Senator John Barrasso sent a letter to U.S. Department of Interior Secretary Sally Jewell regarding the Bureau of Land Management’s proposed rule to reduce methane (the primary component of natural gas) emissions from oil and gas development on public and tribal lands. The proposed rule would limit venting and flaring after a certain […]

5 energy myths about coal energy generation in Montana

Coal development has dominated the headlines in southeast Montana for some time.  While we’ve looked closely at the federal coal leasing program, it’s also worth examining what happens when that Powder River Basin coal leaves the ground. Senator Steve Daines’ recent taxpayer-funded energy summit provides just such an opportunity.   Let’s start with the first […]

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