5,250 gallons of oil spills into South Platte River – The Denver Post

“This is the first specific incident where we have a clear indication of the problem,” state natural resources spokesman Todd Hartman said.

State authorities don’t know when this spill happened, Hartman said.

Weld County authorities on Saturday said at least one oil and gas industry pipeline had broken and was leaking into the South Platte. County officials did not provide a precise location for the broken pipeline. They said at least two other pipelines were compromised as they sagged in flood-saturated soils.

Gary Wockner of Clean Water Action said in a statement Wednesday night that the spill “exemplifies the danger” of drilling and fracking in floodplains.

“This State of Colorado and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency must force Anadarko to clean it up — no matter the cost — and make reparations to the public, including paying fines and enforcing the Clean Water Act which may include civil and criminal penalties. In addition, the State must initiate news rules for drilling and fracking near rivers, streams, and in floodplains that better protect the public and the environment,.” Wockner said in the statement.

Ross Lane of the Western Values Project echoed that thought.

“This disaster is a clear indication that the Colorado oil and gas industry must do more to protect the public health of Coloradans,” said Lane. “As our friends and neighbors pick up the pieces from this disaster, Anadarko must fulfill their responsibility to the people of Colorado.”

via 5,250 gallons of oil spills into South Platte River – The Denver Post.

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