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A Secretary Shrouded in Scandal

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“Interior’s watchdog opens an ethics probe into
Bernhardt four days after his Senate confirmation”

— Washington Post

Ex-lobbyist David Bernhardt may have been confirmed to lead the Interior Department, but, as we predicted, it’s not all positive news for him coming out of last week: The Interior Inspector General has already opened an ethics investigation into Bernhardt’s conduct. Remember how that ended for Ryan Zinke?

President Trump and his allies are trying to turn back the clock to a time when land barons ruled the departments that are supposed to hold them accountable. And now those special interests have their man at the helm of America’s largest land managing agency!

But when all is said and done — including the Inspector General’s investigation — history will not look kindly on the Senators who voted to continue the decimation of America’s public lands.

Bernhardt is Trump’s most conflicted cabinet secretary yet, with some 26 known conflicts of interest before the Interior Department. And he has repeatedly weighed in on decisions that would benefit his former clients.

Rushing to confirm Bernhardt without clarification on his numerous ethical lapses and investigative requests is not only a disservice to the American people, but it also means that Interior will again be led by a secretary shrouded in scandal.

We’re going to keep bringing attention to Bernhardt’s corrupt dealings and the ways his decisions have negatively impacted our public lands, but we can’t do it without your support. Will you pitch in today to help us keep working to protect our public lands and wildlife for generations to come?

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