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Billionaires blocking access

We wanted to make sure you heard: the Texas billionaire Wilks brothers just cut off access to Boise Ridge Road — a public Forest Service road.

In an act of petulance, the Wilks brothers recently installed iron gates across the road and posted “No Trespassing” signs. It’s another jaw-dropping example of entitlement by wealthy out-of-state landowners who don’t care about keeping OUR public lands public.

Friend, we can’t afford to let billionaires unilaterally shut off access to public lands meant to be shared by all of us. Sign our petition to Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue and demand he protect public access to Forest Service Lands.


The stretch of Forest Service road blocked off by the billionaire Wilks brothers is in the foothills of Boise and is immensely important to hunters and other recreationists. After cutting off access, the Wilks brothers are kicking back on their 11,240-acre ranch which is currently listed for sale at a cool $10.2 million.

And it doesn’t stop here: the Wilks brothers are determined to exert their influence across the West and in Washington, D.C.

Friend, it’s unconscionable to have billionaires like the Wilks brothers dictate who can — or cannot — access public Forest Service roads. Our public lands must remain public with access.

Sign on now. Demand Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue protect public access to public Forest Service Lands.

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