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Former oil and gas lobbyist turned Interior Secretary David Bernhardt is once again pushing the industry’s agenda: the Keystone XL Pipeline could soon stretch across 46 miles of public land in Montana, thanks to his approval.

Tell Bernhardt to keep his swampy hands off our public lands. Will you sign our petition today to fight the construction of this pipeline cutting across our public lands?

The fact that the XL would span over 1,200 miles — including across many waterways like the Missouri River — makes an eventual devastating spill a near certainty.

And another pipeline in the Keystone network has already spilled 383,000 gallons of oil in eastern North Dakota.

The Trump administration’s culture of corruption paired with Bernhardt turning Interior into his own personal pro-industry lobbying shop means the Keystone XL pipeline is just one of many threats facing our public lands.

Communities far and wide oppose the XL pipeline, and Native American tribes and other organizations have even been forced to file lawsuits to prevent it. We all face a daunting uphill battle against not only extractive corporations but also the corrupt Trump administration, which has voiced strong support for this dangerous pipeline and others. But we must continue to fight against these reckless attempts to exploit our outdoor heritage.

Will you join us in defending America’s public lands against Bernhardt’s reckless attempts to greenlight the destructive Keystone XL Pipeline right now?

Together, we can protect our Western way of life.

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