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Attack dogs? Try watchdogs

Will you chip in to support Western Value Project’s critical work?

Our work to expose Secretary Ryan Zinke’s despicable record at the Interior Department is working — and now he’s lashing out about it.

Last month Zinke sat down for a softball interview and wasted no time disparaging the work that Western Values Project is doing to protect our public lands.

He must be afraid of the spotlight we’re shining on his disastrous actions and decisions — which is why he called us “attack dogs.”

We have news for Ryan Zinke: we’re proud watchdogs, not attack dogs, and his taunts won’t stop us from standing up to him — or anyone else who threatens our public lands.

But the critical work we’re doing takes a lot of resources, and we need your help. Will you pitch in to help fuel Western Values Project’s efforts to protect our public lands?

We’ve seen enough Washington, D.C. politicians like Ryan Zinke say they’ll fight for our public lands before turning around and handing out giveaways to their special interest friends in the oil and gas industry. This is why we work to expose their actions instead of taking their claims at face value.

And no matter how hard he tries, Zinke can’t cover up what he’s done with his tenure at the Interior Department:

And that’s not even counting the various other controversies he’s been embroiled in — like using taxpayer money to pay for exorbitant private jets.

At Western Values Project, we’re working tirelessly to protect our public lands, but we can’t do it without your support.

Will you chip in to support Western Value Project’s critical work?

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