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BIG news about our new website


We just launched a new website shining a bright light on the Bureau of Land Management’s latest unethical move: relocating their office into a building in Colorado that’s also occupied by Chevron, Laramie Energy, and the West Slope Colorado Oil and Gas Association.


The relocation is a brazen and deeply corrupt attempt to cozy up to energy corporations whose business models directly conflict with the Bureau’s mission. This move is also a clear example of former mega-lobbyist turned Interior Secretary David Bernhardt’s efforts to turn the agency into his own personal lobbying shop.

But we’re not standing by and letting it happen. Last month we sued the Trump administration for failing to release public documents about the relocation. And we sent out a petition demanding that the Bureau move out of the building and start doing its job of protecting America’s lands.

Now, with the launch of our new website, we’re taking our oversight responsibility to the next level. We’ll be closely monitoring every move the Bureau makes and demanding answers, and accountability.

Please visit our website to join us, and also sign our petition publicly opposing Sec. Bernhardt’s latest move to cozy up to extractive industry special interests.

Thank you for defending our public lands!

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