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We’re excited to announce the beginning of our partnership with watchdog groups Allied Progress and Restore Public Trust under our new umbrella organization, Accountable.US!

Here at Western Values Project, we’ve been working to hold the Trump administration’s Interior Department accountable since day one. From scandal-plagued Ryan Zinke to conflict-ridden David Bernhardt, the level of corruption in this administration is absolutely unprecedented. We’ve made it our job to expose it.

That’s why we’re joining forces with Allied Progress and Restore Public Trust. They are also doing great work to expose corruption and malfeasance across the federal government. We’re excited to officially join forces with them as we stay laser-focused on keeping Interior and the entire Trump administration accountable!

This won’t change the core of our work. We’re still going to fight every day to protect our public lands and national parks while uncovering any and all wrongdoings by Interior Secretary Bernhardt and his swamp monster allies.

We encourage you to sign up for updates from Accountable.US to keep up to date with all the work they’re doing to make sure the Trump administration is held accountable and that our government is working for all of us:


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