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Submit your comment by August 1 and tell the Forest Service to #HonorTheDeal

Americans have spoken loudly and clearly on the cooperative sage-grouse deal — it’s time for the Trump administration to listen. But the Forest Service is now asking Americans to weigh in yet again on reckless potential changes to the plans protecting the sage-grouse. It’s not time for a do-over, it’s time to #HonorTheDeal.

While we know that Ryan Zinke continues to use his position as Interior Secretary to help out his friends in the oil and gas industry by threatening to pull out of the sage-grouse agreement, now the Forest Service is also in the process of deciding if they should let special interests win when it comes to the sage-grouse plans. We only have until August 1 to tell US Forest Service to let the sage-grouse plans work. And we need your help. Submit your comment now.

We are launching our “#CanYouHearUsNow” campaign to shine a light on the hundreds of thousands of comments received on the sage-grouse issue over the years and the fact that the administration is still not listening to us.

For the sake of the sage-grouse, the $1 billion in outdoor activity, agriculture, the other 350 wildlife species that depend on the land conserved by the plans, and the Westerners who rely on the health of these ecosystems, we must act now. We can’t let the US Forest Service dismiss the agreement that was driven by and done in collaboration with local communities. Friend, make sure that they hear us — there’s not much time left. Submit your comment by August 1 and tell the Forest Service to #HonorTheDeal.

We’re still all in, and we know that you are too. Together we can continue to hold this administration accountable and fight back against dangerous policies.

— Western Values Project

P.S. Once you’ve left your comment, join our “#CanYouHearUsNow” campaign and share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

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