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COMMENTS NEEDED: Protect Sage-Grouse!

The future of the iconic greater sage-grouse is in dire risk. The sage-grouse is already in decline due to loss of their natural habitat, and now the U.S. Forest Service is considering doing even more damage to this majestic bird.

The Forest Service is proposing potentially devastating changes to greater sage-grouse protections. If adopted, these changes would cause further harm to these habitats and do serious damage to the outdoor economy that depends on sagebrush landscapes.

We need you to take action. Tell the U.S. Forest Service their proposed plan will hurt the greater sage-grouse and its habitat, which are both already at risk.

Leave your comment with the U.S. Forest Service here >>

This proposal is a slap in the face to hundreds of thousands of Westerners who already engaged in a years-long, collaborative effort to put effective conservation plans together. The current plans for the sage-grouse are working exactly as intended — but now the Forest Service wants to uproot what’s being accomplished.

Sample Comment:

We need the Forest Service to keep its current plans in place. The future of the sage-grouse, 350 other species, and the thriving outdoor recreation economy depend on a healthy sagebrush steppe ecosystem to continue to thrive.

Please take action. The U.S. Forest Service must hear from us now as it considers weakening protections for the greater sage-grouse and its habitat. Post your comment here >>

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