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David Bernhardt and William Pendley aren’t doing their jobs and are failing us

It’s not exactly surprising, considering they were both appointed by Donald Trump. But it is outrageous.

Trump's Interior is failing us

Secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt and Acting Bureau of Land Management Director William Pendley are responsible for our public lands, including national parks. That means they’re supposed to be safeguarding public lands so future generations can use them and making sure our parks are kept up.

But what’s actually happening?

But it’s not just lands at stake: It’s people. The Department of the Interior oversees the Bureau of Indian Affairs, which is charged with assisting in the well-being of U.S. Indigenous communities. David Bernhardt is failing miserably on that front. Indigenous people are 3.5 times more likely to contract COVID and they have access to fewer resources to help them recover.

If that wasn’t bad enough, a Trump appointee is now under investigation for needlessly delaying critical tribal COVID relief funds from being dispersed in an attempt to benefit a former client.

All this adds up to an unacceptable failure on the part of Bernhardt, Pendley, and Trump’s swamp team at Interior. Will you help us spread the word about the harm they’re doing to our lands and to people?

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