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David Bernhardt has worked to enrich his old clients at every turn


No public official has worked harder for his former industry and corporate clients than Interior Secretary David Bernhardt.

And President Trump not only condones this sort of corruption, he openly embraces it! The president and his handpicked former mega-lobbyist Interior secretary are committing outright malfeasance and corruption in broad daylight.

At every turn, Secretary Bernhardt has pushed for policies that would financially benefit his old clients, particularly the powerful special interest group Westlands Water District…

    1. President Trump recently eased water pumping regulations in California’s Central Valley, a massive victory for the Westlands Water District. And guess who’s a former lobbyist and lawyer for Westlands? David Bernhardt.
    2. Prior to his time at Interior, Bernhardt lobbied strenuously to end Endangered Species Act protections for a fish on behalf of Westlands.
    3. Under Bernhardt’s leadership, Interior announced it would increase the height of California’s Shasta Dam, a longtime goal for Westlands.
    4. And in fact, according to an official invoice, Bernhardt was being paid by Westlands for his lobbying services up until April 2017, the very month he was nominated for deputy Interior secretary by President Trump.

And these are just the policies that have been reported in the press! Who knows what other decisions Secretary Bernhardt has made that will end up massively enriching his former clients.

We’re pulling together a petition demanding an immediate investigation into Bernhardt’s decisions as Interior Secretary. Will you add your name?

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