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SIGN ON: Trump admin must distribute COVID-19 relief funds

Will you sign this petition to demand that the Treasury immediately distribute COVID-19 funds to the tribal governments?

Lifesaving COVID-19 funds are held up because of a corrupt Trump administration scheme.

** Add your name to demand they be distributed immediately **

Sadly, not even a deadly pandemic can keep the Trump administration from indulging in corruption.

Their latest shameful act: Trump’s Interior Department tried to exploit a loophole in the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act to give big energy corporations billions in COVID-19 relief funds that were intended to help Native American tribes combat the pandemic.

The administration probably didn’t expect that several tribal governments would sue them — and win. But that’s exactly what happened. Last week a judge ruled that the Trump administration could NOT hand the funds over to corporations. But the money has still not been distributed by Trump’s Treasury Department to most of the Native American tribes who desperately need it.

Will you sign this petition to demand that the Treasury immediately distribute the funds to the tribal governments they were intended for so that they can combat COVID-19 in these communities?

The administration’s incompetent response to this deadly pandemic has already cost American lives. Now they’re risking many more. Every day that the administration drags their feet is a day that Native American communities don’t have access to the resources they need to save lives.

Please join us in demanding that the administration release these critically needed funds to Native American tribes immediately.

Thank you for your support. And please stay safe.

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