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FACT: Amy Coney Barrett has sided with corporations over people 76% of the time.

We need a Supreme Court justice who will put our public lands and environment before Big Business. Sign if you agree.


The Senate continues pushing forard Donald Trump’s latest nominee to the Supreme Court, Amy Coney Barrett. Join us in demanding a Supreme Court Justice who prioritizes our environment over corporate interests.

During her brief tenure on the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals, Barrett sided with corporations — over people — a staggering 76% of the time!

Here are a few examples, which should be disqualifying:

➞ Barrett blocked an effort by a park preservation group — and residents of Chicago — to stop construction of the Obama Presidential Center in part of the city’s Jackson Park.

➞ She signed on to a 2018 decision which requested that the Army Corps of Engineers revisit the decision that placed 13 acres of Illinois wetlands off-limits to a housing developer.

➞ Barrett worked for Royal Dutch Shell Oil’s law firm, the corporation that knew climate change was an impending crisis.

➞ She ruled against Clean Water Act protections in a precedent-setting decision in favor of a real estate developer’s purchase of wetlands found to reduce pollutions, flooding, and support wildlife.

➞ And in an outrageous statement made during the hearings, Barrett said, “I mean, I’ve read things about climate change. I would not say I have firm views on it.

If the Senate’s confirmation process manages to sneak corporate activist Amy Coney Barrett onto the Supreme Court before Americans vote, the Trump administration’s deregulatory agenda could far outlast this White House. The upcoming Supreme Court Docket includes an appeal by Dutch Shell Oil to a previous ruling that found cities and states could hold big polluters accountable for climate-inducing emissions. Hundreds of millions of dollars of money tied to Big Oil is being spent to support corporate activist judges like Barrett.

In the middle of a climate crisis, the very LAST thing our public lands and environment need is Amy Coney Barrett on the Supreme Court.

But our leaders need to hear from us. Will you sign our petition, calling for a Supreme Court justice who will put our public lands and environment before Big Business?


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