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We’re pleased to launch our updated MoneyTrails.org website as Western states’ legislative sessions start to heat up. This valuable resource will allow the public and decision-makers to track special interests’ monied influence on public lands policy across the West.

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MoneyTrails reveals how anti-public lands groups are attempting to influence public lands policy, and will stay up to date with new research and news about their continued attempts to exploit our public lands.

We hope this resource will help inform you and decision-makers about the future of our public lands and will empower them to do what’s best for their constituents — not what’s best for monied special interests and industry. It will also provide insight into what corrupt, monied anti-public land groups are doing to exert influence in Western statehouses.

The more people are informed, the more we all can do to protect our public lands and our Western way of life. So will you help us share the site? Just post it to social media — we’ve even written a sharable post for you!

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