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New York Times:
“Trump Plans Major Rollback of Sage Grouse Protections to Spur Oil Exploration”

This is devastating: Yesterday, the Trump administration published its proposal to drastically roll back habitat protections for the sage grouse — opening up nine million acres of public land to drilling, mining, and other industrial development, and potentially putting the bird on a path toward extinction.

We need you to take action immediately. Will you tell the U.S. Forest Service to leave its current plans in place and not to follow Interior’s devastating industry-driven proposal?

The plan released by Zinke and Bernhardt’s Interior Department would open up a vast amount of lands to drilling, hurting the imperiled sage grouse, the over 350 other species that rely on a healthy ecosystem, and the businesses, ranchers, and agricultural producers who would be hurt if the sagegrouse were listed as an endangered species. This catastrophic proposal could be finalized as soon as next year!

But we can mitigate the damage. If enough of us voice our concerns to the U.S. Forest Service — which is also considering potential changes to sage grouse protections — it will have to listen and prevent even more harm to our public lands.

Tell the Forest Service not to follow Zinke and Bernhardt’s industry-driven revisions that undermine the largest habitat agreement in U.S. history and put the sage grouse on a path to extinction.

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We need the Forest Service to keep its current plans in place and honor the deal. The future of the sagegrouse, 350 other species, and the thriving outdoor recreation economy depend on a healthy sagebrush steppe ecosystem to continue to thrive.

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