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One million species face extinction.

Add your name to demand that David Bernhardt protect endangered wildlife!

— The Hill Op-Ed

This is urgent:

Last week, United Nations scientists concluded that up to 1 million species across the globe face extinction if we don’t immediately act to preserve habitats, reduce emissions, and improve our food production systems.

Despite the alarm, Interior Secretary David Bernhardt is moving full speed ahead to dismantle the Endangered Species Act! As Deputy Secretary, Bernhardt was instrumental in rolling back protections for the sage grouse and other endangered species. He is working to weaken protections to make his former industry clients happy.

As Secretary, Bernhardt plans to go further than weakening protections for individual species. An op-ed in The Hill notes that “Bernhardt and crew have proposed a wholesale revision of the regulations implementing the Endangered Species Act” that would “make it much harder for species to gain protections in the first place.”

At a time when up to 1 million species are facing extinction, the last thing we need to do is make it harder to protect endangered wildlife. We need to double down, work to preserve at-risk species, and help their populations recover. That means using the Endangered Species Act — not dismantling it!

If you’re as concerned as we are about the threat of mass extinctions and Bernhardt’s attempts to gut the Endangered Species Act, will you sign our petition demanding that he act to protect endangered wildlife? 

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