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Oppose the reckless Bureau of Land Management move

Oppose the Reckless Bureau of Land Management Move

Did you hear that Interior Secretary David Bernhardt has been trying to move the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) out of Washington?


Nobody knows. Bernhardt and Acting BLM Director William Pendley have failed to adequately answer the reasoning behind the move or even when bureau employees will have their new positions assigned.

We know the real reason for the move: Bernhardt and Pendley are trying to dismantle the bureau and render it toothless by taking critical voices away from the decision-making table.

Not only are many of the bureau’s staffers opposed to the move, but they also feel Bernhardt and Pendley haven’t given them or the public a sufficient rationale for it. The fact is, 97% of BLM employees are already in offices across the country, yet this conflicted duo wants to gut the rest.

William Pendley isn’t known for his devotion to our public lands. Before Secretary Bernhardt appointed him Acting Director, Pendley loudly and publicly advocated for selling off America’s public lands, including all BLM lands east of the Mississippi.

Bernhardt and Pendley don’t have our country’s best interests at heart, and their attempt to move the BLM is only the latest in a long string of corrupt, dangerous, and purposeless decisions.

Add your name to our petition! Demand Secretary Bernhardt and Acting Director Pendley rescind their decision to move the bureau!

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