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Our parks are suffering. End the shutdown!

The federal government shutdown is now in its 20th day. And our national parks are suffering.

“National parks face years of damage from government shutdown”

— National Geographic

The Trump administration and Acting Interior Secretary David Bernhardt have decided to keep many of our national parks open throughout the shutdown, but with 16,000 parks service employees on furlough, there’s no one to help manage visitors, take out the trash, protect and clean facilities, or even prevent vandalism and trespassing. To say the decision is a total disaster is an understatement. The damage is mounting by the day — and we need your help to end it!

Will you call your members of Congress today and tell them to end the shutdown?

From Shenandoah to Yosemite, national parks are our American birthright. But America’s best idea is suffering from what could be irreversible damage!

Now ex-lobbyist turned Acting Secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt is taking the “extraordinary step” of dipping into park entrance fee funds to pay for operations at popular sites — an action that may be illegalThe situation is dire, and we need your help to end it and save our national parks.

Call your members of Congress now and tell them to end the shutdown and stand up for our parks!

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