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Pendley nomination pulled BUT he’s still in charge!

Will you help by calling for Pendley to go on social media?

It may look like good news — but really, it’s more of the same. Earlier this week, the Trump administration confirmed the withdrawal of William Pendley’s nomination to head the Bureau of Land Management.

Here’s the thing, though: Pendley is still in charge at BLM and overseeing 245 million acres of America’s public lands. He’s still making terrible decisions that are bad for public lands and bad for the Western way of life. Nothing has changed. So our fight to remove him MUST continue.

Will you help by calling for Pendley to go on social media?

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Look — this is just another desperate attempt by the Trump administration to cover up their atrocious public lands record. People and policymakers across the country were starting to realize how awful and out-of-touch Pendley was and pushed back against his nomination. So the Trump administration decided to try to avoid yet another controversy by pulling his nomination and hoping no one notices that he’s still in charge.

Well, we noticed. Pendley is a conflicted extremist with racist views who has no business making decisions anywhere in government. So we’re keeping up the fight to get. him. out. Can you help by amplifying our campaign on social media?

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