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Politicizing our public lands


Tomorrow, President Trump plans to deliver a Fourth of July speech from the Lincoln Memorial, a stunning national monument to our country’s history and legacy, with Interior Secretary David Bernhardt at his side.

But while Trump stands at the heart of our nation’s capital, politicizing our cherished national monuments at taxpayers’ expense, his administration (with the help of Secretary Bernhardt) is gutting protections that would ensure Americans can enjoy our monuments and public lands for generations to come. They’ve even diverted $2.5 million away from the National Park Service to help pay for this political event.

The Fourth of July, just like our national monuments and public lands, was intended to be enjoyed by all Americans, not just those who share the same political beliefs as the current president.

Patriotism is about more than merely paying lip service to America’s founding ideals, it’s also about living up to those ideals. By rolling back protections for our public lands and monuments, this president and his administration have clearly demonstrated they don’t understand what the Fourth of July is actually about: celebrating from sea to shining sea and working to protect our outdoor and national legacy while striving to be inclusive to all.

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