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Protest Zinke’s taxpayer waste

For months, Secretary Ryan Zinke and his Bureau of Land Management (BLM) have threatened to gut the methane waste rule, and now they’ve finally done it.

Last week, the BLM announced it was rolling back the rule, giving industry lobbyists and corporate special interests a HUGE handout. It’s a backwards move with devastating consequences for America’s economy, public lands, and wildlife.

With a weakened rule comes millions of dollars of wasted tax revenue and less oversight over methane gas releases being spewed into the atmosphere.

Eliminating the methane waste rule hurts American taxpayers: the gutting of the rule will cost taxpayers $219,178 per day in wasted royalty revenue, more than $330 million annually in lost revenue, and a projected $800 million in lost tax royalties over the next ten years.

Friend, sign on now and tell Secretary Zinke we need stop corporate handouts that cost taxpayers millions in tax royalties on our public lands! Add your name here.

Besides losing millions of taxpayer dollars, the wasted methane being released into the air is dangerous for those who live near it. Methane contributes to health problems including asthma, respiratory infections, cancer and neurological damage. And we know methane gas is 25 times more potent than carbon dioxide in its effect on global warming.

While oil and gas corporations are celebrating their handout, the American people are being slugged in the gut again by the Interior Department. Axing this rule further lines the pockets of the corporate special interests that have bought and paid for Secretary Zinke to do their bidding.

Friend, we must hold Secretary Zinke and his BLM accountable for rewarding corporate special interests at the expense of taxpayers. Sign on here >>

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