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Remember Ryan Zinke? The next guy is worse.

Will you pitch in to help Western Values Project hold Interior accountable?

Remember Ryan Zinke? He rode a horse to his first day on the job at the Interior Department, spent an exorbitant amount on new office doors, and committed so many ethics violations that even Donald Trump wanted him gone. Hard to imagine a worse Secretary of the Interior, right?

Well, think again: Zinke’s replacement is David Bernhardt, a former resource extraction lobbyist and Interior Department official under George W. Bush. He’s worked for Halliburton, the Independent Petroleum Association of America, and others. And despite claiming to recuse himself in cases where he may be conflicted, it seems many of his former clients have benefited from Interior Department decisions since his tenure began.

Congress should not and cannot allow the same culture of corruption we experienced under Zinke to persist under Bernhardt’s leadership — but we’re going to have to push them. Will you pitch in to help Western Values Project hold Interior accountable?

We file public records requests in order to find out if the people who run the Department of the Interior have conflicts of interests with the companies that they are supposed to regulate. In fact, we do our job so well that Ryan Zinke has even called us out and attacked us for holding him accountable.

The long list of special interest conflicts we’re investigating now starts at the top with Bernhardt, who wants nothing more than to do the bidding of special interests in secret. Interior is even going as far as trying to limit public record requests to keep the public and the media in the dark on public lands, wildlife and national park decisions. Listen to NPR’s Morning Edition discuss this outlandish proposal.

Between Bernhardt’s special interest conflicts and his trying to make crucial decisions in secrecy, we can’t let someone so corrupt manage our public lands — and that’s why we’re working to hold him accountable.

But we can’t do it without your support. Make a donation to help us keep filing public records requests and holding conflicted Interior officials accountable!

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