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Sign our petition to demand that Pendley be removed as acting director of the Bureau of Land Management.

“Trump’s pick for managing federal lands doesn’t believe the government should have any”
— Washington Post

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It’s unbelievable: The newly appointed acting director of the Bureau of Land Management, William Perry Pendley, has spent most of his career advocating for the sale of our public lands.

His appointment is just the latest move in the Trump administration’s outrageous and brazen effort to dismantle the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) by installing political operatives who are anti-public land zealots without congressional approval. And it must end now.

Sign our petition to demand that Pendley be removed as acting director of the Bureau of Land Management.

It’s no surprise that Secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt — who has spent his own career undermining the department’s mission — saw an advocate for selling public lands as the perfect person to oversee the 245 million acres of your public lands managed by the BLM.

Pendley most recently served as president of the Mountain States Legal Foundation, which proposed selling off millions of acres of federal lands in the West. He sued Interior to allow oil and gas drilling on sacred tribal lands, fought to reduce protections for endangered grizzly bears, and wants to greatly reduce America’s public lands.

We will not stand by while the Trump administration continues to undermine the Interior Department’s important mission: conserving and managing the nation’s natural resources and cultural heritage for the benefit and enjoyment of the American people. If Bernhardt and Pendley have their way, the public lands that make America great will be sold off and privatized.

Please join us in demanding action and accountability by our government. Sign the petition now to remove Pendley from office and help end the Trump administration’s attack on our public lands.

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