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Sign On: Save the Endangered Species Act

Sign on to Save the Endangered Species Act

The Trump administration’s attack on America’s endangered species is a direct attack on our Western way of life. Will you take action now by signing our petition?

On Monday, the administration announced new rules making it easier to remove protected species from the endangered list, drastically weakening the Endangered Species Act (ESA). They are putting wildlife diversity at risk, just so that extractive special interests will be able to exploit places that are currently off-limits.

I can’t say I’m shocked by this news. Secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt is a former extractive industry lobbyist who has continued to prioritize the interests of his friends in the industry over the best interests of the American people — in direct violation of his duty as a public servant.

Still, this is a bold assault against wildlife and against our American outdoor heritage.We CANNOT allow it.

Friends, there is clear scientific consensus here: The Endangered Species Act works. It’s credited with pulling the bald eagle, the grizzly bear, the whooping crane, and the humpback whale — among hundreds of other species — back from the brink of extinction.

The bald eagle was saved by the ESA

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A recent Vox.com news headline appropriately summed it up: The Endangered Species Act is incredibly popular and effective. Trump is weakening it anyway.

We cannot let Trump, Secretary Bernhardt, and powerful extractive industry lobbyists continue to attack America’s great outdoors and Western way of life so they can pad their own wallets.

America’s great open spaces and abundant wildlife don’t just make our country profoundly beautiful and unique, they also sustain our very way of life. I’m calling on all Americans to sign this petition demanding that the Trump administration immediately withdraw the changes to the ESA.

Will you sign the petition now to save the Endangered Species Act and demand that the Trump administration start working for the best interest of Americans, instead of their friends in the extractive industry?

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