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The latest troubling issues coming out of the Trump administration:

  1. The Trump administration is planning two construction projects that will harm Utah’s public lands, water resources, and threaten endangered species: the Northern Corridor Highway and the Lake Powell Pipeline.
  2. They’re also attempting to limit public involvement in these projects by burying both of these public comment periods during the busy holiday season.

Submit a statement opposing the Northern Corridor Highway

Submit a statement opposing the Lake Powell Pipeline

If built, both projects will violate Washington County’s commitment to permanently protect the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve, and put the already threatened Mojave desert tortoises at greater risk of extinction. Further, the $3 billion taxpayer-funded pipeline could soon become useless with the Colorado River water resources at risk of being depleted as drought cycles become more severe.

But the good news is that we can take action against both attempts to disregard Americans’ best interests. The Trump administration is counting on us getting distracted by the holidays, but we can fight these harmful construction projects if we raise our voices before it’s too late.

You can submit a statement opposing the highwaythe pipeline, or both. To make it simple, we’ve even provided sample statements you can use.

Friends, we have a responsibility to participate in public decisions that affect our lives and our outdoor heritage. While the Trump administration continues its path of destruction, we the people must fight to protect our public lands and water resources, ensuring their viability for generations to come. Thank you for joining us in this important fight.

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