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Take action: Demand Pendley’s resignation

Call your senators to demand Pendley’s resignation

“Senior Interior official denied there was an ozone hole and compared undocumented immigrants to cancer”

William Perry Pendley holds fringe and extremist views on everything from public lands and science to immigration. But he’s not just the eccentric neighbor you smile and nod at once a year at the Memorial Day barbeque — instead, Pendley wields immense power as the acting director of America’s Bureau of Land Management.

A recent CNN report revealed that he has denied the existence of a hole in the ozone layer, and has decried the scientific consensus on climate change as a plot meant to “all but destroy civilization.”

Pendley’s extremist views and rejection of science make him unfit to lead the Bureau of Land Management. Will you please join us by asking your senators to demand Pendley’s resignation?

And that’s not even all of it! Pendley also called immigrants in America a “cancer.”

It’s no wonder that 12 senators have already asked Interior Secretary Bernhardt to remove Pendley from office immediately. In their letter, they remind Bernhardt that Pendley spent his career advocating for the exploitation and sale of the public lands he is now charged with managing (another troubling issue that we sent you a letter about in August).

Convinced that Pendley is not the person to lead the Bureau of Land Management? Please join us in taking action to replace him with a leader who understands public lands’ vital role in preserving our Western way of life. Please call your senators today to urge them to demand Pendley’s immediate resignation.

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