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Tell Congress: Investigate the culture of corruption at Interior

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It’s easy to see: The oil and gas industry is running the show over at the Interior Department. A critical player? The mega-billion dollar oil and gas Koch network. We cannot let this stand.

Trump’s Secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt has close ties to the oil and gas lobby – he used to lobby on their behalf! Bernhardt’s former clients continue to spend a whole lot of cash to influence Interior. And according to a new report, 14 of Bernhardt’s former clients have lobbied the Department directly. Their influence is working. Public land protections are on the chopping block and the future of our outdoor heritage is on the line.

If that’s not enough, a top Interior political appointee potentially violated ethics laws by inviting none other than his key allies from his former employer, The Charles Koch Foundation, to join the important National Parks Foundation board.

Secretary Bernhardt and other Trump appointees have turned Interior into their own personal pro-industry playground instead of making our outdoor heritage their number one priority. It’s long past time for Congress to crack down on this culture of corruption.

Friend, that’s where you come in. Congress must get involved and make protecting our public lands — not the oil and gas industry — the priority at Interior. And they need to know Americans like you are watching.

Tell Congress: Investigate oil and gas influence at the Interior Department! Sign our petition today.

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