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In a not-so-shocking turn of events, Trump’s Secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt and his nominated second-in-command Kate McGregor have hosted no fewer than 12 National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)-related meetings, a new Western Values Project analysis shows.

What could they possibly have been talking about in all of those meetings?

Secretary Bernhardt is a former mega-lobbyist for industry who uses his leadership position to promote his previous extractive industry clients’ interests. Given Secretary Bernhardt’s previous attempts to gut NEPA, it’s clear he was the architect behind many of the Trump administration’s rollbacks that will eviscerate America’s bedrock environmental law. Friends, we cannot let this stand.

Since its inception 50 years ago, NEPA has been the foundation for all environmental laws in the United States. Now, with these rollbacks, Secretary Bernhardt’s long-standing wish has been granted. President Trump’s NEPA sabotage will be a bloodbath for our wildlife, clean water, clean air, and public lands — and will almost certainly lead to fast-tracked oil and gas developments, open-pit mines, and pipelines on public lands.

Secretary Bernhardt has turned Interior into his own personal pro-industry lobbying shop instead of making our public lands his number one priority. It’s long past time for Congress to hold him accountable for this culture of corruption.

Friends, that’s where you come in.

Congress must get involved and stop Secretary Bernhardt and President Trump’s continued abuse of executive power and path of destruction. They need to hear from you!

Tell Congress: Protect NEPA. Sign our petition today.

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