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Tell the Senate: Save our public lands


The U.S. Senate still hasn’t funded the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LCWF). The Senate voted overwhelmingly to make the long-standing fund permanent, and many senators continue to say they’re in favor of protecting public lands. Yet when it comes to actually funding the LWCF, the Senate is missing.

Will you sign the petition now to DEMAND that the Senate do its job and fund the LWCF?

The LWCF — America’s most effective public land and parks tool — has protected public lands and parks for over 50 years, while increasing access to beautiful natural spaces, so all Americans can enjoy our rich outdoor heritage. But as long as it remains unfunded, public lands across America are in serious, immediate danger of development that could ruin them forever.

Without funding, the Land and Water Conservation FUND is useless.

Even with the Senate missing, we’re not giving up our campaign to do the right thing and protect our public lands. Instead, we’re increasing the pressure.

Please join us by signing this petition DEMANDING that the Senate fund the LWCF, which is vital to protecting our public lands and safeguarding our Western way of life.

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