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Time for Zinke to go

Ryan Zinke’s time at the Interior Department has been nothing short of a disaster. In a scandal-ridden, chaotic administration, his repeated abuse of taxpayer resources and flagrant disregard for ethics stands out. Even lobbyists in the oil and gas industry are calling Zinke “a total walking disaster.”

Here’s a small sample of Ryan Zinke’s outrageous behavior since he took over the Interior Department in March 2017:

Friend, after all this, it’s time we tell Ryan Zinke: YOU’RE FIRED!

But wait, there’s more. During his 20 months in office, Secretary Zinke has allowed the future of the Land Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) to remain in limbo. And he recently tapped a supporter of anti-public lands extremists to be the Interior Department’s Deputy Solicitor of Wildlife and Parks.

It’s clear Ryan Zinke is not up to the job of being Secretary of the Interior. Zinke has shown he has no qualms abusing his position as a government official for personal gain at taxpayers’ expense. This needs to end.

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