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WATCH: Why Pendley must NOT be confirmed

Will you join our effort by sharing this video that exposes Pendley’s disqualifying views?

William Perry Pendley is frighteningly and dangerously unqualified to be the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) director. He holds fringe, extremist views on everything from public lands to science to immigration — and is even on record claiming the scientific consensus on climate change is a plot to “all but destroy civilization.” No wonder he’s the Trump administration’s first choice for this key post that would oversee the United States’ public lands!

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Pendley has already been serving as the acting director of the BLM for nearly a year — exceeding the time allowed by federal law. And now President Trump has officially nominated him to be the Bureau’s official director.

We’re responding by demanding that the Senate NOT confirm someone who is dangerously unfit to hold the post. Will you join our effort by sharing this video that exposes Pendley’s disqualifying views?

In addition to his extreme positions and his troubling relationship with reality, Pendley has spent his career advocating for the exploitation and sale of our public lands — which is why we have called for his removal before. But President Trump and Interior Secretary Bernhardt are DETERMINED to put him in charge.

We must appeal to the Senate and urge them to do what is in the best interest of the American people: Do NOT confirm a BLM director who is a threat to our public lands.

Will you watch and share this video to sound the alarm to as many people as possible that Pendley’s confirmation would put our public lands in danger?

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