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For over five decades, the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) has been one of the most important and popular programs for protecting and conserving public lands, maintaining and creating parks and providing access to lands — especially in Arizona.

The LWCF has invested $243 million and supported more than 30 projects to improve public lands and parks across the state. That doesn’t just drive the tourism economy — it also means Arizonans will benefit from a lasting outdoor heritage for generations to come.

But right now, Senator Martha McSally is dragging her feet when it comes to making sure the LWCF is fully funded going forward. She committed to working towards funding the critical program — even dedicating her efforts to the late Senator John McCain — but so far, we only heard talking points, and we haven’t seen any action.

That’s why we’re launching a multi-platform ad campaign in Western states like Arizona, calling on Senator McSally and her colleagues to follow through on their promise to permanently and fully fund the LWCF.

If she isn’t just making promises for political gain, Senator McSally needs to stand up to the Trump administration blocking LWCF funding and be a visible champion for her constituents, America’s public lands, and Arizona’s outdoor heritage.

We’re planning to keep the pressure on, but we need your voice too. Will you sign this petition to tell Senator McSally to permanently and fully fund America’s most effective public lands, public access, and parks tool? 

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