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Sign the petition telling the Senate that David Bernhardt is too conflicted to serve.

Just over a month ago, Ryan Zinke resigned his cabinet post in order to avoid being fired. That means it’s time to say goodbye to his plots to sell off public lands, his use of the office for personal gain, and his scandal-plagued leadership of the Department of the Interior.

But we have to act fast — because President Trump just nominated the ultimate swamp creature Deputy Secretary David Bernhardt to serve as the new Interior Secretary. As an ex-lobbyist who used to work for extractive resource corporations and the oil and gas industry, Bernhardt is simply too conflicted to be Secretary of the Interior.

Action Alert:

Sign the petition telling the Senate that David Bernhardt is too conflicted to serve.

As Deputy Secretary of the Interior, Bernhardt was Zinke’s second in command under Zinke’s disastrous leadership. We’re still wondering:

  1. Has Bernhardt been in communication with Halliburton or anyone representing Halliburton– the company whose chairman is at the center of Ryan Zinke’s sweetheart real estate deal–  since becoming Deputy Secretary of the Interior?
  2. How does Bernhardt plan to solve problems plaguing the department as Secretary of the Interior?
  3. Has Bernhardt honored his ethics recusals?
  4. Has Bernhardt given former clients preferential access?
  5. Will Bernhardt commit to not selling public lands or transferring them to the states?
  6. What was Bernhardt’s role in re-assigning Interior career employees?
  7. Bernhardt was a top Interior official when national corruption scandals rattled the department during the George W. Bush administration. Under Bernhardt’s leadership, can the American people trust that corruption and special interest favors won’t happen again?

For more information on Bernhardt’s conflicted past, go to www.davidbernhardt.org.

Don’t let Congress confirm Bernhardt– he’s too conflicted to be Interior Secretary! Speak up now!

Call your Senators at (202) 224-3121 and tell them to vote against David Bernhardt because he is simply too conflicted to serve as Interior Secretary.

Our efforts to hold Zinke accountable made an impact — we can’t back down now that he’s resigned. Add your name here if you agree David Bernhardt is too conflicted to be our next Interior Secretary.

Thank you for staying in the fight. 

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