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Yes, President Trump, Climate Change IS real!

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Recently, President Trump publicly asked how much science “knows” about climate change. And he questioned its connection to the wildfires currently raging out West, the effects of which have been felt on both coasts.

Well, it turns out that science knows a lot — and that climate change IS, in fact, real. Will you help us spread the word by sharing our posts?

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Trump’s climate change denial continues as our forests, including many of our public lands, are burning down and while severe tropical storms batter the East Coast and Gulf Region. And it’s significantly impacting our nation’s response to climate change and events relating to it, overall.

Here’s how:

➔ Trump claims the world will soon “start getting cooler.” (But the findings of climate science say otherwise).

He appointed a long-time, fellow climate science denier to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the agency in charge of our government’s weather and climate prediction work (including tropical storms and hurricanes).

➔ And as President Trump and his administration continue to reject the proven science supporting the fact that climate change is real, it continues to cost lives.

Now is not the time to deny the realities of climate change — our environment and public lands are at risk. We need your help to spread the word. Will you share our posts with your family and friends?

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