Corrupt Trump Official’s Secretary Bernhardt and Administrator Wheeler Must Answer For Dirty Water Policies and Mismanagement

Arizona Event Attempts To Greenwash Dirty Water Reality Of Corporate Giveaways 

Today, Interior Department Secretary David Bernhardt and EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler, both former extractive resource lobbyists, will be attending an event in Arizona to make an announcement about the Rio Salado Urban Waters Partnership. Both Trump administration cabinet members must answer for their dirty water policies and water resource mismanagement as well as the potential revocation of the Grand Canyon area mining moratorium. 

Whiskey is for drinking and water is for fighting in the West but that is truer than ever under the Trump administration’s failed water policies that are full of special interest giveaways and disregard science. This sentiment may spread to the rest of the country after the Trump administration’s corrupt decisions that are wasting and polluting our valuable freshwater resources,” said Jayson O’Neill, Western Values Project Director. “It’s a real possibility that lifting protections around Grand Canyon is next on Trump’s corporate agenda.” 

Recent actions by Sec. Bernhardt and Administrator Wheeler threaten America’s clean waters and shared resource: 

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