Court Rejects Trump’s Public Lands Managers Illegal Tenure; Avoids All Actions

Restricts Interior Secretary’s Legal Charade

Following a district judge ruling that found the Trump administration’s top public lands manager William Perry Pendley unlawfully served as the Bureau of Land Management’s acting director, voiding all functions or duties he performed, Western Values Project Director Jayson O’Neill issued the following statement:
One day was too long for an extremist like Pendley at the helm of America’s public lands and natural resources. This is vindication for all the public land advocates that have demanded Pendley be rejected and kudos to state leaders willing to defend all our lands. It’s been four years of the Trump administration and corrupt Interior Secretary Bernhardt violating the law and ignoring the Constitution. While it’s a strong affirmation of the rule of law, it’s truly disappointing to see the majority in the U.S. Senate stand idly by as this administration flaunts it.”

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