Durbin isn’t the only one being stiffed by Interior

Western Values Project in ongoing lawsuit seeking documents on Zinke’s monument review  

Today, Senator Dick Durbin announced he is placing a hold on several nominees to serve in the Interior Department until he gets answers to his questions about Secretary Ryan Zinke’s monuments review. Senator Durbin isn’t the only one waiting for information from Interior; Western Values Project has 66 outstanding Freedom of Information Requests with the agency. WVP is currently in litigation with the Interior Department to ensure they release documents related to the monuments review.

“It’s good to see someone taking a stand and demanding transparency from Secretary Zinke and the Interior Department,” said Chris Saeger, executive director of the Western Values Project. “It’s clear that the monument review is little more than a giveaway to the special interests who have taken over Interior, so it’s not surprising they would try to suppress these documents. It’s time for Zinke to shed some light on why he would propose changes that are overwhelmingly opposed by Western communities.”

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