Energy group launches ‘Common Ground’ videos |

GLENWOOD SPRINGS ­— The Western Energy Alliance, an energy industry advocacy organization, has launched a series of videos entitled “Common Ground” that are “designed to inform the public about how western oil and natural gas producers are providing abundant, affordable energy for Americans while protecting the environment,” according to a statement from WEA.

The first of a series of four has been released, and can be viewed on the WEA website, by going to the home page, clicking on the menu-bar button, “Why Western Oil and Natural Gas?” and scrolling down to “Protecting the Environment.”

The initial video is entitled “Land,” and according to Jon Haubert of WEA, is to be followed in the coming months by “Water,” “Air” and “Wildlife,” which are to be released through the same website.

“The environmental lobby often presents the public with a false choice — either the environment or affordable energy,” said Tim Wigley, president of WEA, according to the statement.

via Energy group launches ‘Common Ground’ videos |

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