In His Own Words: Extremist Views Of Trump’s Nominee To Manage America’s Public Lands Exposed

Website Showcases All Of Pendley’s Disqualifying Comments And Views

Western Values Project, an Accountable.US project focused on public lands and conservation, released an update to its website titled ‘In His Words’ that amalgamates all of President Trump’s nominee’s extremist views and statements.

The idea that extremist William Pendley is fit for any job in government is a reach but it’s an outright slap in the face to all Americans, Native Americans, and public land users that President Trump is nominating him to lead the nation’s largest public lands bureau,” said Western Values Project Director Jayson O’Neill. “Saying his words are disqualifying doesn’t quite encapsulate how extreme his views and beliefs actually are.”

Recently, Senate Energy and Natural Resources Ranking Member Joe Manchin made it clear that he would not be supporting Pendley after his numerous controversial comments and his 2017 column titled ‘Black Lives Matter began with a lie’ again became relevant after another tragic death and the ensuing protests. Sen. Manchin said all federal agencies and the Bureau of Land Management ‘need leaders who are willing to listen and lead with compassion’ and that it was ‘clear he [Pendley] is not fit to do so.’

Those comments were also over the line for The Daily Sentinel, the Grand Junction, Colorado newspaper; Grand Junction is also home to the bureau’s controversial new headquarters. The Daily Sentinel’s editorial rightfully proclaimed that Pendley ‘doesn’t get it.’ 

The new ‘In His Words’ update shows that Pendley has stuck his foot in his mouth time and time again, making racist and sexist comments on social media, in public presentations, and in his writings. He has also made disparaging remarks about Native American cultural and religious practices. The bureau is required to consult with Native American tribal governments on decisions. It is unclear whether Pendley has ever done so in his acting director capacity.

These remarks and his anti-public lands worldview only further disqualify Pendley from federal government work let alone the directorship.

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