Interior to Follow EPA Rollback of Environmental Protections and Regulations for Big Oil and Coal

No End Date Set on Rollbacks 

President Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency announced major rollbacks of environmental protections and enforcement after big oil and coal lobbyists, extractive corporations, and industry associations plead with the Trump administration for another taxpayer-funded handout.

All signs indicate that the Interior Department and Secretary David Bernhardt will follow suit after requests from the American Petroleum Association and National Mining Association were sent to President Trump and federal agencies earlier this week.

Response from Western Values Project Director Jayson O’Neill:
“Big oil and extractive corporations have always had a backdoor into the decision room under President Trump. After installing hoards of former lobbyists across his administration that represented big oil and coal corporations, no one should be surprised that taxpayers and public health are taking a backseat while corporations are given the green light to pollute with impunity.” 


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