Is Interior’s monuments review a sham or is Secretary Zinke making promises he can’t keep?

Utah Senator Mike Lee claims Bears Ears will be eliminated or “significantly” reduced

In shockingly matter-of-fact comments, Utah Senator Mike Lee said during a tele-town hall that Bears Ears monument will be eliminated or “significantly” reduced in size. These surprising comments come as the Department of the Interior (DOI) is still gathering public comments and conducting a review of the monument. According to the DOI website, over 28,800 public comments have already been submitted. See the video and transcript below:

action will result in most likely the elimination of Bears Ears National Monument designation

“I am very confident there will be action on this, action will result in most likely the elimination of Bears Ears National Monument designation. And, if not that, I think there will at a minimum be a significant narrowing of that monument.”

“Have Secretary Zinke and the Trump administration already made promises to rescind Bears Ears to the anti-public land Utah delegation? Evidence is mounting that this ‘review’ is nothing more than an excuse for Secretary Zinke to take his horse and pony show on the road,” said Western Values Project Executive Director Chris Saeger. “Either Senator Lee is not being honest with his constituents or Secretary Zinke is talking out of both sides of his mouth.”

Several supporters of Bears Ears have expressed their utter disappointment with Secretary Zinke’s one-sided visit to the area. The statement by Senator Lee comes as the Secretary told reporters he hasn’t made up his mind, even saying at one point that “he may not necessarily recommend that President Donald Trump rescind or shrink two Utah national monuments .. he could decide that monuments need to be larger.”

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