Act now: Tell Rep. Rob Bishop it’s time to permanently reauthorize LWCF

Tell Rep. Rob Bishop it’s time to fully fund and permanently authorize America’s best parks program. 

Western Values Project recently released new television advertisements and a print advertisement calling on members of Congress to act to safeguard the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF), a 50 year-old federal program that Congress allowed to lapse in September. The ads criticize opposition to the popular program from Rep. Rob Bishop, who blocked a reauthorization and is now proposing “reform” legislation that is just the opposite—it would gut the LWCF.

We can’t allow that to happen. The LWCF is America’s best parks program, and has been wildly successful in the fifty years before Congress (notably, Rep. Rob Bishop) allowed it to expire. The fund has provided $17 billion since 1965 and protected places in all 50 states and over 98% of U.S. counties. Many parks and facilities, all the way from iconic national parks like the Grand Canyon to local baseball diamonds in your hometown, have been created or improved by the LWCF. And it’s all been done without ever using a single cent of U.S. taxpayer money—the LWCF is funded entirely by royalties from offshore drilling operations.

Currently, members of the House Natural Resources Committee are allowing a lone actor–Rep. Rob Bishop—to speak for all of their constituents in states as far-flung as New Jersey, Michigan and Washington. But committee members have the power to reverse that trend, and to speak up in favor of this critical conservation tool that’s done so much for local communities, economies, and quality of life.

America’s parks and recreation areas are national treasures, and we shouldn’t let a single rogue member of Congress hijack that.

Tell Rep. Rob Bishop that he doesn’t speak for your community. Urge Congress to fully fund and permanently reauthorize the LWCF by clicking here to add your voice.

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