Montana Judge Rules Trump’s Illegal Land Manager’s Decisions are Invalid

Illegal, Unconfirmed Acting Official Charade has Consequences  

HELENA, MT – Late last Friday, a district judge ruled William Perry Pendley’s decisions as acting Bureau of Land Management director in Montana were invalid. Pendley has served unlawfully as the acting BLM director for 424 days despite him and the rest of the Department of Interior knowing his succession was illegal. In response to this ruling, Western Values Project Director Jayson O’Neill issued the following statement: 

The Trump administration’s temporary illegal land manager’s charade to curry favors for special interests is rightfully coming to a halt. The judge’s ruling provedonce again, that extremist, anti-public lands zealot William Pendley’s reign was both outside of the law and a violation of the U.S. ConstitutionIt’s long past time for Trump’s corrupt Interior Department to fire Pendley and stop wasting tax dollars with futile appeals and illegal actionsThere should be no room in federal government for corrupt and conflicted racists who openly act in industries interest over the American people.”

Pendley’s Illegal Saga Timeline: 


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