Oil Corporations Begging Trump For Bailout Have Decimated Western Lands

Energy CEOs Recently Invited to White HouseHave Spilled Thousands of Barrels of Oil Across Western U.S., Imperiling Public Lands and Health

The same oil corporations clamoring for a bailout from President Trump have spilled nearly 10,000 barrels of oil and other toxic petroleum byproducts across the Western United States according to new research released today by Western Values Project, a Montana-based public lands-focused project of Accountable.US

President Donald Trump recently met with big oil energy executives–whose companies have given vast sums to his campaign coffers–to discuss taxpayer-funded bailout options for their corporations. News reports indicate that Trump is still exploring unilateral action outside of Congress, such as royalty rate reductions, weakened environmental enforcement, and Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) purchases or leasing, to bail out the unsustainable oil and gas industry. 

“Even for Trump, this is a new low: he wants to reward polluters for their bad behavior with hard-earned taxpayer dollars,” said Western Values Project Director Jayson O’Neill. “Trump should be focusing on helping the hundreds of thousands of Americans who are sick and the millions who are unemployed instead of bailing out billionaire CEOs. Using a global pandemic to help his big oil cronies who have defiled our public lands isn’t just swampy, it’s cruel.” 

This follows reports that Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency will relax enforcement of environmental violations during the coronavirus epidemic, despite the heightened attention on links between air quality and public health.

Western Values Project found that each of the oil corporations Trump met with late last week has had hundreds of oil spills across the West. Previous research found that some of these same oil and gas corporations have major outstanding environmental violations. 

ExxonMobil Corp Has Had Two Oil Spill Incidents In Wyoming

Chevron Has Had 160 Separate Oil Spills In Wyoming, Colorado, And New Mexico 

Occidental Petroleum Corp Has Had 28 Separate Oil Spills In Wyoming And New Mexico

Energy Transfer Partners Has Had Two Small Oil Spills In New Mexico 

Phillips 66 Has Spilled Gasoline And Diesel Throughout Wyoming And Has Spilled 338 Barrels Of Crude Oil In New Mexico

Continental Resources Spilled 367 Barrels Of Oil In Wyoming In Three Separate Incidents In 2011

Devon Energy Corp Has Had Hundreds Of Separate Oil Spills Throughout The West, Spilling Thousands Of Gallons Of Crude Oil 

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